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Core86 is a fictional organization from post apocaliptic world I'm creating piece by piece for a long time.

And this is one of those pieces. In my country we dont't have any conventions or thematic gatherings (or I'm not aware of something) where I would be able to show off my costume(s) so it's a shame that it lies for like 8 years gathering dust and avoiding human eyes. Well, at least untill today.

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I made it using old sturdy coat as basis. Also my old school bacpack took his part. Some car seet belts and other stuff.

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The breast/backplate. I've made it using a few layers of stitched denim as basis, and roothing matal plate sandwitched between it and front covering material. I don't know where I was going with this because it's too much for the costume and at the same time it really doesn't protect from anything, so yeah...

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The helmet is a lovechild of a building hard hat, face protection mask and welding goggles (Ican't see a shii... in those things, even with protective lenses folded up). And the dust is a lovechild of my decomposing skin flying arond and my lazynes at cleaning the room, but hey, finally it worked in my favor because the helmet looks great with all that dust.

So this is it, the costume. I hope it was inspirational for somebody.


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