Picture of Coreflute R/C Biplane
Im a tinkerer and a thinkerer and i cant ever stop working with my hands!

So i've been amazed by R/C since i was little and could never sum up the courage to tinker with aircraft.......So one day I bit the bullet and bought a trainer and havn't looked back!! 

I absolutley love R/C aircraft and my current flier is a x-83 flyjet pushing 120km/p +

I've made this instructable to share how easy and cost effective it is to create something fly worthy and most importantly EASY!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Soooo, this Biplane is constructed soley out of Coreflute and Hot Glue,

here a breif list, 

-600x1000 3mm Sheet of Coreflute (any colour)

-Hot glue gun and glue sticks

-hobby knife/card board cutters



-3 x 5g servos

-servo wire x 2

-motor and propeller (choose your own)

-reciever (again choose your own, i run spektrum)

thats pretty much it!, everythign else finiky you will have in your workshop!

Step 2: Components

Picture of Components
Now the majortity of this build is touch and go or guess and cut!

I've only ever built one of these and it flew reasonably well after alot of fiddling and changing ,

You want a 600mm ide wing surface area and the body to be as slim as possible but still fit in your servos, battery and reciever

Step 3: Guesstimation

Picture of Guesstimation
so nows time to guesstimate, i like to have a rough idea of how the layout will look before i decide anything, i know from previous build tht biplanes like to be very short in the fuselage and very straight on the wings, coreflute does have alot of flex but this only help the plane fly slower and stabler.

Step 4: Body time

Picture of Body time
So sort out what shape body or fuselage you want, i usually run with a tapered to the rear approach which i think looks nice and works well. 

a few dabs of hot glue and some sealing beads of glue tie the hole body together,

im also one for support braces and use as many as i can fit!
Im in the process of building this biplane, my first attempt at anything RC. On step 7 you use an aileron horn out on the wing and I was wondering what that certain horn is called. Cant seem to find it anywhere. If you can help would appreciate it very much. Micheal
robbo5121 (author)  cluiminhopper2 years ago
hey mate, let me know how the biplane goes, look on the net for either , "horn/hinge/clevis" anyone of those 3, also dont get too hung up about the part, try cutting a soda can into a 1cm wide strip and doubling it over, then pierce a small hole and hot glue that on as the horn,

or try
robbo5121 (author) 2 years ago
guys thanksyou so muhc for all the support and comments, the battery is a 1000ma 2 cell LIPO, all the servos were $2 USD from hobbyking, the receiver is a spektrum but you can use a orange RX from hobbyking as well which is only $9 USD

Bunnings in Austrlia sell coreflute and im in the process of building nother model, ill upload later today,

My power supply or ESC is a hobbyking ESC and was only $6 USD as well as a $6 USD motor,


can you upload video of creating this stuff please???
please tell me what kind kind of transmitter/reciever i need ..
i meant tell me about channels,frequency of transmitter/reciever required????
Aditya M1 year ago

Is that a engine?or a motor?

I would like to see its flying video.


Will the Spektrum DX5E be sufficient?
smartinez61 year ago
What kind of wire do you use to move the elevators and stuff like that? I cant seem to find it anywhere! Thanks.
robbo5121 (author)  smartinez61 year ago
mate i used link wire, or connecting rod wire, its commercially available at hobby stores or use a lightweight stiff fencing wires straightened out. alternatively if weight is a problem find a carbon firbre rod (hobby store) or use a skewer.

thats just a generic 2mm rod but mine were less tan 1mm.

chaitanyak1 year ago
thanks for sharing this awesome instructible!!
Thanks for the reply robbo. Its early days but Ive learned so much about RC since starting the build. Whether it flies I dont know. I'll try and upload a pic.
oldmechanic2 years ago
awesome! you could fit a small camera to it, and it will become a spyplane! heres one:
ppanchal12 years ago
you've misspelled brief
Shubhuda2 years ago
nice project...........
sconner12 years ago
What's your battery?
Landing gear?
robinb662 years ago
probably going to try a coroplast astrohog but i use cox nitro 1/2 a engines myself so body will have to be completely enclosed forpreservation of the radio gear from the exhaust. But seems like a good way to do half a flying!!!
udlee2 years ago
Hey robbo,
I can't find the power supply that you used.
sarubin udlee2 years ago
If you have the receiver, if you have the transmitter, if you have the servos, if you have the motor, if you have the battery pack, then the cost is minimal. Otherwise...
Here is a good start.
Hey White_Wolf,
Thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn't make myself clear. I was referring to the battery that robbo used.
I'll be interested in how your plane flies. Good Luck
I think I found the material that robbo used for his plane. Go to Home Depot site and search for corrugated plastic.
buteomont2 years ago
Awesome! My only problem is finding a good source for the coreflute.
If you live in an area like mine there are election signs everywhere..... Over half of them are made of coroplast, it is used for all kinds of signs so if you see someone taking them down after an election they will usually give you some if you ask them. I personally use the foam board from dollar general, and I found out by accident that the paper on the outside will come off rather easily.

Good luck in your endeavors.
It looks to be a corrogated plastic material. In the USA it is sometimes called 'corro-plast'. You should be able to find it thru a sign shop, or 'home center' like Lowes, Home Depot, Mennards, etc. in the form of garage sale signs.

ROBBO: What about the landing gear?
In Canada, Home depot sells 4'x8' coroplast sheets for $20. I have a sign shop and I get them as low as 8 bucks from my supplier. A Plastic supplier may be the cheapest supplier to Joe Public. Last time I checked it was 12 at a plastic supply outlet.

Cool project!

Is there any movie of this plane taking of or in the air?

I never made a plane before, maybe a good start here!
Great and amazing! Is there any move about the plane flying?

Maybe it is a project for in my vacation!!! :D
Do you or can you do any video of this flying please.

Even a 30 seconds on a cameraphone uploaded to youtube would really help.

Thanks for the ible
White_Wolf2 years ago
I'm in the proses of building my first scratch build. I'm using Dollar Tree ready foam board for mine.Heres a picture of where I'm at. The wing is a prototype that I was testing but is the same size as the one I will make for this fuse. 30" wingspan.
Cessna 155 build 2.jpgCessna 150 build.jpg
rimar20002 years ago
Genial, thanks for sharing it.
Higgs Boson2 years ago
Cool project! I'd love to see this flying!