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Introduction: Coreiture

These are photos of furniture I made using recycled cardboard core tubes. I salvaged these cores from the graphics department at the design agency I work for. More at Enjoy!



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    Hey Dude, you are one smart cookie. Like the magazine holder and LOVE the table! If I made one for myself (which I don't have room for, sigh) I would paint the table top either glossy black or red. That would be so slick!!!!!! Going to your site next, hope its up!

    Hi Elax, I think your stuff is awesome. I would definitely like to make one of those tables however I'm not exactly sure where I can get the cardboard tubes. Do you have any recommendations?

    i just tried to visit, to see more, but it seems the network is down. hope you can get it up soon.

    That coffee table is absolutely gorgeous! It's mind-boggling the things you can do with cardboard. Beautiful!


    Thank you Hamato. I am glad you like it. more to come.

     very VERY cool. i subscribed. will you subscribe back?

     There are awesome! What's the second thing? I especially like the table.


    Thanks for your comment. The first photo is a divider wall, I call "Radiator".
    The next is a magazine rack. The tube table, which I built first. The last is of a stool, I refer to as the "stump". Its actually very comfortable. Minimal tools used, no glue, tape or hardware. Black shock cord holds it all together with a few knots. Cheers!

    Cool table!