Picture of Coreiture
These are photos of furniture I made using recycled cardboard core tubes. I salvaged these cores from the graphics department at the design agency I work for. More at coreiture.com. Enjoy!
Hey Dude, you are one smart cookie. Like the magazine holder and LOVE the table! If I made one for myself (which I don't have room for, sigh) I would paint the table top either glossy black or red. That would be so slick!!!!!! Going to your site next, hope its up!
uNiq14 years ago
Hi Elax, I think your stuff is awesome. I would definitely like to make one of those tables however I'm not exactly sure where I can get the cardboard tubes. Do you have any recommendations?
iamrusky4 years ago
i just tried to visit coreiture.com, to see more, but it seems the network is down. hope you can get it up soon.
Still down.
That coffee table is absolutely gorgeous! It's mind-boggling the things you can do with cardboard. Beautiful!
elax (author)  HamatoKameko5 years ago
Thank you Hamato. I am glad you like it. more to come.
KnexFreek5 years ago
 very VERY cool. i subscribed. will you subscribe back?
Wasagi5 years ago
 There are awesome! What's the second thing? I especially like the table.
elax (author)  Wasagi5 years ago
Thanks for your comment. The first photo is a divider wall, I call "Radiator".
The next is a magazine rack. The tube table, which I built first. The last is of a stool, I refer to as the "stump". Its actually very comfortable. Minimal tools used, no glue, tape or hardware. Black shock cord holds it all together with a few knots. Cheers!
Kaiven6 years ago
Cool table!
elax (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
Thank you!