I made it at the TechShop (www.techshop.ws) in Menlo Park.

This project supports the earlier ones described for making a bunch of cork boards.

To make a cork board which looks good, the corks should match for size. This describes a little project to build a sorter for when one has many hundreds to deal with.

I show how it looks, but you, the maker, must work out the dimensions to fit your needs. From the images it should be clear how to scale it. The only numbers I'll mention are the cork diameters. If you have more corks, you need a bigger box, but the corks do not change.

The image shows a box with nine compartments. That turns out to be quite enough. It's easy to use. Just push a cork though the smallest hole (in the top board) where it passes easily. The holes are stepped by half a millimeter in diameter.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Used.

Materials used:
Plywood 3/8" thick, several square feet, scavanged from the scrap bin, as required.
Lengths of wood 3/4" or 1" square. From the scrap bin, as required.
Plank 1/4" thick, 4" wide, as long as needed. The only wood I bought and paid for: 2 feet long.
1" screws as required.
Wood glue.

Table saw.
Drill press.

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