I made it at the TechShop (www.techshop.ws) in Menlo Park.

Be forewarned - no dimensions here. You can make this to any size required and the images tell the whole story.

Projects involving wine corks often depend on variety by winery. One needs several types of corks selected, not pulled at random from a bin. So it helps to sort them in advance, by origin. This is a continuation of the series of Instructables called Cork Board Project, but may (hopefully) be useful to other corky aficianados.

Assumption: that you have several hundred corks from various wineries and you want to sort by winery. (Sorting is always a time-consuming task - ask any CS person.) Assumption 2: the number of corks is not impossible for humans to manage - i.e. needing automation.

So the procedure is for the user to extract corks from the bin and drop them in a series of bags, according to winery. This is never going to be efficient, but will be better than most other manual alternatives.

Step 1: Tools and materials

Table saw.
Miter saw.
Drill press.

Wood planks from the scrap bin.
Plastic bags delivered with newspapers.

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