Introduction: Cork Gun

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Have you ever had an urge to shoot a cork into the air. This is how.

Step 1: Materials

You will Need:
Glass Bottle
Baking Soda

Step 2: What to Do With Materials

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1. Pour vinegar into bottle
2. Roll baking soda into tissue
3. Drop baking soda/tissue into bottle
4. Quickly put cork on bottle
5. Shake, aim, and wait

Step 3: Have Fun

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Have oodles of fun with your new lethal weapon (no joke, this thing can hurt someone)

P.S: I am not to be held responsible for an idiot that decides to shoot a person and/or animal with this.


airsoftdominator999 (author)2009-05-28

so original.... NOT!!! i made this when i was like 5

what you just said was totally unoriginal

knexxpro (author)2009-08-16

Can it be a plastic water bottle or it has to be glass ?

jtobako (author)2009-05-23

How about holding the packet of baking soda up with a string or connected to the cork so that it can be 'timed' to go off after a good shake?

Steamdnt (author)2008-09-24

I think its been done before

Colonel88 (author)Steamdnt2008-11-07

i see this everywhere.its not that good.

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