A Trivet is used to protect your table from hot dishes. With a few handfuls of corks, some wood and a load of hot glue you can make your own trivet in next to no time.

Step 1: Acquire Corks

You'll need a load of corks of roughly the same size. I got a massive bag from Freecycle, but if you ask any restaurant they should be able to help you out.

For a drinks coaster sized mat you'll need 8 corks, for a 19cm x 19cm mat like the one I made you'll need 64 corks.
Very nice. I saw something like this at the MoMA store for $50. This looks just as good and probably didn't cost near that.
Hey nice instructable, we we're given something very similar to this a few years ago. Never knew it was a trivet, we have ours hanging in the front hall and use it as a cork board for reminders. it looks just like this one too. probably gonna make a matching one now for the dining table.
Or you could use it as a pin board.

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