Cork Dog Finger Puppet





Introduction: Cork Dog Finger Puppet

Make these for your son or daughter or have fun making them yourself!
Also, you should be very careful when handling the knife in this project. I hope you have fun!

Step 1: Cut Out Finger Hole of Cork With Knife

You need to press hard , but be careful not to rip the edges. Twist your knife back and forth.

Step 2: Covering Dog

Cut a square out of the sweater type fabric or felt with 2 semi circles on each end to cover the ends of the cork . Then you should sew it together, you can also glue it, but this may result in a hardish look.

Step 3: Sew on Ears and Paint Face

Cut out different colored fabric for the ears. Carefully sew them on. . Care fully paint on the face with a skinny paintbrush. If you are not good with painting you can use a strong marker or a sticker.

Step 4: Sew on Arms

Cut out 2 pieces of fabric this size and sew them on as shown

Step 5: Good Job!

All done !

Step 6: You Can Personalize It to Fit Your Taste!

Add a colorful stomach circle, stitch on a bow , add a bone, or anything else you can think of to personalize it! I added a pink stomach circle for my little sister.



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    I voted, I hope it went through....(:

    It looks super cute! Going to try and make one.