CorkBoard / Bulliten Board (How to Make)





Introduction: CorkBoard / Bulliten Board (How to Make)

This Instructable will show you how to make a corkBoard (or bulliten board{whichever}).
This is a fun project, and relatively easy to do.

This is especially good to cheat christmas presents :)

Well, anyway, Ive made two of these so far, and they both turned out great! The only flaw in the second one i made (which is the one with the instructable) is that the wood had some stain spots on them, but I dont really mind, I'd rather save the long pieces for a bigger board (none of my molding match)

Just as a caution, this project involves dangerous tools. Personnally I'm deathly afraid of the table saw (not all table saws, just my table saw, because it is loud and ronchy. combined with my unsafe use)
But Im not going to say I am not responsible, yada, because people always challenge that authority. but if you get hurt, dont blame me, you took the project up, and decided to do it.
not that you'll get hurt, as long as you work smart and are working in an Osha safe workspace, right?, (look at my workspace {in the pictures} Osha standard? I think not!) lol well anyway just dont be stupid.

Step 1: Materials

This is what you will need to complete this project:

Cork, in whatever form you have it in

Quarter-inch plywood (is it ply??)


Tape Measure


Small Scale Cutting Instrument (scissors, etc.)

Something to make bigger cuts through wood, I used a miter saw, you can use whatever.

Something to nail the molding in place, I used a Portercable pin nailer, using 5/8 brads, powered by my husky 1.5 gallon compressor (it has wheels!)

A Table Saw would help alot!

Step 2: Determine the Size of Your Board, and Cut

measure the length of your piece of molding, mine was 70inches

then determine how big you want to make your board, by how limited you are with your molding

i made sides 16.5 x 17.5 (make sure to compensate kerf, or kirk, or whatever its called, the amount of wood taken out by the blade)

then cut your board to that size you want.

Step 3: Cut Molding to Length and Cut Angles

First measure measure width and length (dont use past measurements because they could be off, get current measurement) and then cut 2 moldings for each the length and the width

now you have 2 width pieces and 2 length pieces.

if your molding is shaped like the picture (with a small side and a large side)

you want the short (small) side on the inside so follow the agle cutting pattern in the picture below
if its a symetrical piece, I recommend finding another piece for this project, because I dont think it will look good.

but just cut like below ignoring a tall and short side

Step 4: Size Up Cork, Cut and Glue

cut your cork to fit over the board, put glue down and press firmly.

I kept my body on it, to press it down, but if you need your body, say: to get the nail gun for the next step, it is a good Idea to find something to place on top of it.

(I forgot to add: when you glue down to the wood, make sure you glue to a rough side, if both are smooth, then take some rough sandpaper and sand it a little, just to put scratches in it for grip, if you dont hafve sandpaper, and worse comes to worse, a fork would work to {or a knife})

Step 5: Nail Down Molding

Now that you have your cork down, its time to start putting the molding on.

start with one, tear back some of the excess cork, until you can see some board, so you can guide off of it. you dont need to do it the whole way down each side, just do little spots, for reference.

once you have one lined up nail it down.

then do the same for the other 3 pieces.

Step 6: Remove Excess

Remove the excess cork by bending back cork, yada, yada, be careful not to break it deep under the molding.

just remove the bulk by bending it. once you've removed the bulk, take that one scrapper tool that I said to keep in mind, and scrape along it, just to make it nice and flush.

Step 7: Stand Back

And admire your work, it is done, now you have a corkboard that has the satisfaction of self creation, which you can keep for yourself, or give it as a great gift.


Step 8: Gift Related

Yes this is for the Holiday gifts thing.

But a CorkBoard is a way of saying, here grandma, now, instead of having to tire your brain by remembering all of our birthdays, and each and everylittle thing about all your grandchildren, you can relax your brain and let the corkboard "messenger" do it for you.

Or for the man in the office... Hey five o clock meeting with the Bobs, wont miss this one with my reminders on my corkboard "messenger"!

Oh hey, you thought I forgot the kids, well of course not, Give them this delightful gift and they will have hours of fun with this corkboard, forget Xbox! , I remember when I was young........... ger .... I loved stabbing tac pins into corkboards. Well now they can too With the Corkboard "Voodoo Board"! fun for all ages

So go ahead, be cheap, be smart, make corkboards!



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    if you want to do something really cool, get a corkboard, cover it with material(of your choice) by gluing it on with a glue gun or even stapling it, then get some ribbon(of your choice) and make little diamonds acrossed it, using pins on the front but stapling or gluing on the back.. and you have your own personalized picture/message board, you can just slide the pics or messages under the ribbons.. and it will hold in place.

    put a sheet of metal behind it and you can use magnets to!!! you should try buying some really dark/colorful wood stain and staining the entire corkboard, that would look awesome!

    Where would be the best place to find a scrap piece of sheet metal I have an old corkboard that is falling apart and I want to change it.

    Awesome. I really want a big one in my room. I have one but it's quite small, so I might do this if I get the pieces/ time. Great job!

    you no what would suck if u fell on the table saw and as u were falling flip on the switch on acident ...................................ouch

    EPECIALY when someone spills a box of thumb tacks "by accident" and "accidently" forgets to pick them up :)

    Your welcome. Im glad you found this helpful. The project seems cool, the map of the Us that is. I wish you luck in making the board, and finding cork. Lol, I was lucky enough to have it lying around my house for some odd reason.

    I blogged recently about a project I wanted to do with my homeschooled kids and I needed corkboard to do it. Corkboard is EXPENSIVE! And I couldn' t find one big enough either. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the instructions!! :)

    Here's the blog entry if you're interested... (december 2, 2006 entry)