Corkedo is a semi flexible cork pocket for storing and protecting things. Designed to utilize the unique material characteristics of cork in a thin sheet form, Corkedo's cork and paper construction is also completely biodegradable.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Ok, here's what you'll need to get started  (optional items are marked with an asterisk):


Cork contact paper (find at Target, craft or hardware store)
Kraft paper cardstock
Cotton thread
2 Paper cilps
Scrap paper


Utility knife
Pen or marker
Sewing machine*
Medium and fine sand papers

<p>This looks like a fun project. Thanks for the great instructions.</p>
Does it float?
<p>Good question.</p>
Yes. Yes it does. I wouldn't recommend submerging your Corkedo in water often though, since it is partly constructed of paper.
Clean, very nice.
Great job Tim!!!!!! :-) Thanks for sharing!
Thanks Mario! <br>

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