Picture of Corkedo
Corkedo is a semi flexible cork pocket for storing and protecting things. Designed to utilize the unique material characteristics of cork in a thin sheet form, Corkedo's cork and paper construction is also completely biodegradable.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Ok, here's what you'll need to get started  (optional items are marked with an asterisk):


Cork contact paper (find at Target, craft or hardware store)
Kraft paper cardstock
Cotton thread
2 Paper cilps
Scrap paper


Utility knife
Pen or marker
Sewing machine*
Medium and fine sand papers

Step 2: Dimension

Picture of Dimension
I fit the Corkedo in this Instructable to a pair of sunglasses, but the design can easily be modified for other applications like a cord wrap or a napkin ring. Either way, since my sunglasses are probably not the same size as yours, you'll want to first determine how big or small your Corkedo will need to be. This step is relatively easy and can be accomplished with a simple piece of scrap paper by wrapping it around the object you're going to be storing inside. This technique will give you an understanding of just how your object fits inside the tapered form. Keep in mind that you'll want a relatively snug fit, but not too snug because the cork is quite grippy. Once you've found the "sweet spot" you'll want to mark a line on the scrap paper; this will be your measurement for the inner layer of cork. The outside measurement will be about .75" longer since it will be wrapped around the inner layer and also covering the seam allowance on the inside paper layer.

My measurements came out to 4.75" x 6" for the inner layer and 4.75" x 6.75" for the outside.

This looks like a fun project. Thanks for the great instructions.

ianmi2 years ago
Does it float?

Good question.

timwikander (author)  ianmi2 years ago
Yes. Yes it does. I wouldn't recommend submerging your Corkedo in water often though, since it is partly constructed of paper.
Clean, very nice.
M.C. Langer2 years ago
Great job Tim!!!!!! :-) Thanks for sharing!
timwikander (author)  M.C. Langer2 years ago
Thanks Mario!