Several years ago, I was trying to make a small group of Roman soldiers. I realised that champagne corks looked like they had a body and a head, so I took out a marker and gave them faces and armour. I then took the metal caps of the corks and used them as small helmets for my soldiers. 
My idea developed further and further. First, I only focused on my little roman legion, adding centurions, trumpeters, a standard bearer,  etc. But then I realized that I could also make a modern soldier. After that, my ideas ran wild. I made a Native American, a chef, a clown, Superman, and many others.
I also made several Corkies as gifts for people, such as a pilot, a pianist, or a pastor.

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a basic Corky -- a gardener.

Step 1: Come Up With an Idea

The first thing you need is an idea. Pick something simple, but unmistakable - something that will immediately be recognised. 
For example, a gardener. A stereotypical gardener has a sun hat, wears an apron, and has some sort of gardening tool, such as a rake.
For me, it really helps to get some images to base the Corky's clothes on, so I found some clip art of a gardener. 
ketch the corky as it would look like when it is completed.
Keep in mind that champagne cork figurines don't have arms (or legs, for that matter). That issue stops you from making a Corkie that needs arms or legs, such as rollerskates, a bike, boots,

<p>I did Loky)</p>
Creeper corky maybe?
Haha yeah maybe. Or I could make Steve.
what about hulk <br>or captain America ?
The hulk would be way too small with only one cork, and would look wierd without any arms. I could make Captain America, with a miniature shield.<br> I've already made Iron Man: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Iron-Man-Corky-with-Working-Arc-Reactor/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Iron-Man-Corky-with-Working-Arc-Reactor/</a>
<p>Any comments from the pro??</p><p>Really wanting to make it!!</p><p>Thanks.</p>
<p>That looks possible. Here's what I would do:</p><p>Find a cork that's not too thin on the bottoom, otherwise your captain will look really skinny. Use thick acrylic or poster paint to paint the bottom and the head part blue. Try to paint the details on when the blue paint is dry. If that doesn't work out or is too difficult, you could try to glue on bits of colored paper, like I did with Superman above. </p><p>For the shield you could try to use a metal champagne cork cap, adding the colors in the same way as the suit. </p><p>Hope that helped</p>
make darth vader or mybe a storm trooper
Great idea! I could also make a Jedi, maybe Luke or even Yoda. I would give them lightsabers, of course.
how about making a dragon ball z figure <br>
you could also try to make the lightsabers light up like you made the iron man arc reactor light up.
I could, but they would look really bulky.
I can tell that this is going to be like pet rocks or beany babies. Rarely do I see originality like this!
My first few corkies!<br/>Left to right: actor, superman, farmer.<br/>I'm not yet good enough to come up with my own ideas, but I think this is a good start,?<br/>
Awesome Corkies! It's definitely a good start. Thanks for posting
These are great fun! I made some this afternoon!
Awesome! They look great!
I am very eager to know where you get all these champagne corks! <br>I am a very eager corkie maker and have already created a superman, and actor corkie, if you can give me any tips on where to get corks I'd be very grateful. <br> <br>Thank you!
Of course I don't drink that much Champagne. I get all of my corks from recycling centers. Often they have a barrel where you can recycle cork. <br>Tips? Well, I think I wrote everything I could think of above. The most important tip is probably to draw the face before you do everything else. If you do the rest first, and then mess up the face, it's gonna be a pain to fix, or you might even have to start over. <br> <br>I'd love to see some photos of your Corkies.
the gang so far. they are(from left): <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Iron-Man-Corky-with-Working-Arc-Reactor/" rel="nofollow">iron man</a>,&nbsp;war machine, legolas, frodo, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Champagne-Cork-Gandalf/" rel="nofollow">gandalf</a>, a ninja, police, and <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Champagne-Cork-Santa/" rel="nofollow">santa</a>.
Great! I like the ninja idea.
thanks! it's fairly simple, as all you do is wrap some black fabric on the bottom, then glue a triangle of grey fabric with a black strip wrapped on top on top. next wrap around the top, leaving a slit for the eyes. finally, glue a piece on top for the rest of the hat-thingy. for accessories, wrap tooth picks in masking tape and cut them to the shape of the sword. next, color them as you like, and glue a bit of fabric for the handle. for the scabbard, do the same thing as with the sword but make it all black. glue them on where you want them. sorry if you don't understand, hard to explain with no pics.
Make Harry Potter! With the wand and glasses and all!
how would you make hair for them?
see step 1
oh oh! NINJAS!
make lord of the rings corkys!
Already making some
how about a snowboarding one! you could make a helmet and then glue the snowboard to the bottom. or, change it a little so that you have wheels and you have a skateboarder.
I've always been looking for something unique to collect and these are perfect!
Owww, these are fantastic! Why did it take me over a month to find this I'ble!?
Very nice. Its kind of like &quot;Little people&quot;toys. These would make wonderful toys for older kids too. Or just for display. Or Fun. ;) Oooooooor a child's favorite story and you can use these to act the story out for or with the child to make it more fun and interesting.
Thanks! They could be made as toys, but then they would need to be made of much stronger materials, with much stronger glue.
This is an ADORABLE idea! Thank you!
Thank you!
These guys are so cute! That was a really good idea!

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