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Paracord or any string like objects,
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Now, tie this around a log or pole or other circular thing that is not attached to people and you have a Timber Hitch!
Robotob463 years ago
I'm in boy scouts and we call it a double over-hand knot... I guess there's a lot of names for it... :P
Im an Eagle, HBU? What rank?
Star... :) I'm a knots guru in my troop... :)
ah...so you got life to go then ur an eagle...keep at it!! its going to get much tougher but is worth it in the end. I was the knots guru in my troop as well! how funny. if you ever want an insanely good book on knots, check out "The Ashley Book of Knots". it aint cheap by any means (like $80 somethin) but is well worth it. there are litterally thousands upon thousands of knots front and back in that book...its a big book at that too.
Its NOT a corkscrew knot, it is a Barrel knot, and it is used as a stopper knot. it can also be used as a knot that joins two ropes (usually of different size) together.
how would it be used to join ropes together?
its complicated to explain, but you have heard of the fisherman's knot which consists of two ropes parallel to each other and at the working end of each rope you tie an overhand knot around the opposite rope...same principal. its also the same GENERAL principal of the hangman's noose in that you have the body of the rope pulling throught the center of the noose...the only things that sets the barrel knot n hangman's noose apart is the tag end goes all the way through the barrel knot and the tag end on the hangman's noose goes through a little loop at the end opposite of the bight, and the barrel knot is a stopper knot.
the knot is easier to pull tight if you twist the paracord in your fingers as you pull.

An additional use (of the triple-loop version) - as you twist, you'll notice two loops are created. Drop those over a post, and pull tight to form a strangle knot.
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cool i guess i never noticed that
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Isn't that just a timber hitch?
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i dont know i just figured the knot out one day
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Neato! What would you use this knot for?
We learned that one in our life guarding class to give the end of a rope added weight making it easier to throw, and also it gives the person something to grab a hold of when your dragging them in
Stopper knot
Monkeyboy134 years ago
I thought this was called a clinch knot. idk I've been fishing too much...
Lil C (author) 4 years ago
whatever you can use it for really