Big brother to the uncard, corkwrap was my first exploration into the common wrapping gesture as a solution to the infamous earphone pocket tangle. While it's ease of use and reliability may fall short, corkwrap's lovable aesthetic might just convince you to overlook it's faults. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1 natural agglomerated cork (made from many small pieces of cork adhered together)
1 pair of earphones
1 awl or small phillips head screwdriver
1 felt tip marker
1 serrated knife
*1 xacto knife (optional)

if you aren't sure whether or not you have the right kind of cork, this is a great resource:

This is so simple, professional looking, and useful! This would be a great gift for audiophiles!
cork tunes lol
I really like the idea of this better, but I imagine the unreliability you're talking about would be the cork chipping over time and that the plugs aren't supported. The functionality of the uncard is where it's at. :D
thanks for all the nice comments!
i think this is brilliant!
I love this! The design is such a neat concept.
very useful. I like low tech ideas and I have so many corks waiting to be repurposed!<br>
Cute and useful! Very nice!

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