Corn Cob Bird Feeder... With Office Supplies





Introduction: Corn Cob Bird Feeder... With Office Supplies

This easy Bird Feeder is best-suited for Wintertime, but you'll want to get started while fresh corn is still available.  

If my description seems at all confusing, please refer to the pictures.  They're all you really need to complete this project.  

  • 1 ear unshucked corn
  • An office stapler
  • a paper clip
  • a rubber band
  • A drill w/bit (optional)
  • pencils
  • lard, suet or peanut butter- room temperature
  • bird seed

Carefully peel the husks down, keeping them attached to the cob.  

One at a time, begin folding the husks  in half,  stapling them together near the cob.  Work around the entire cob until all the husks are folded and stapled in half.  Remove the silk.  

Use a rubber band to secure the loose husk-ends around the stalk.

Half-open a paper clip and push the pointy end through the top of the ear for the hanger.

For the perches, carefully push a couple of  short, sharp pencils into the cob.  I also drilled a hole through the cob and pushed a whole pencil through it but this is optional. 

Hang the corn out to dry for a day or two.  The kernels will shrivel and create crevices for the suet and bird seed. If you live in "Corn Country" (I don't) you'll probably have some diners even before the feeder is finished. ;-)

After the corn has dried a bit, generously smear the suet (lard or peanut butter) onto the cob then pack it with bird seed. Be sure to press the seeds in really well. 

Freeze/refrigerate the feeder until the suet is solid.

Scout for a good location then wait for cold weather before hanging your new feeder outside.  Melted suet is messy and entirely unappetizing to our feathered friends.

Thanks for stopping by! ;-)



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I love it! I love corn on the cob so I think I'll use empty corn cobs when I do this :-)

This is a clever idea, especially using the stalks as a perch! As long as you make sure the paper clip is very secure in the cob (dropped feeder and bug infestation), the drilled hole is big enough for the pencil (two half- size feeders instead of one), and follow the other instructions, you're local birds will be very pleased! ;D

Thanks Renee! I hope so!!! ;-)

just the other day my little sister had a thing on bird feeders in school, she wanted to make one but it needed pine cones! thanks for showing us an alternative baja!

lol... we don't need no dang pine coneswhen there's corn on the cob! ;-D

You made that up? The voices in your toolbox are very clever!

I did. ;-)

However, it was my Recipe Box that suggested it first . My Tool Box took over the idea from there. ;-)

They thank you puppy! ;-D

Kewl! Love it.

lol... hubby said "kooky". I like "kewl" better. ;-) TY!