Corn in Microwave





Introduction: Corn in Microwave

Better and faster way to make corn on the cob than user jessyratfink

Certainly won't have charred flavor but does the job

Step 1: Get Corn and Peel

Get your corn or corns and peel off the husk

Step 2: Get Plate and Paper Towels

Get a plate for the corn and get two half sheets of paper towels or one whole big sheet

Step 3: Wrap

Wrap the paper towel around the corn, if using two sheets of paper towel then put one underneath and one above the corn

Step 4: Wet

Wet the paper towel wrapped around cob and squeeze out water

Step 5: Microwave

Place in plate and microwave for 2 minutes

Step 6: Eat

Add other stuff if desired



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    I started nuking corn years ago, and never looked back.

    I shuck the corn then give it a soak in water for a half hour or so. This causes them to "plump up" a bit. Wrap them in a dish towel (dry) and in they go. As the steak comes off the grille begins "resting", I start the microwave - three minutes on high for two ears.

    They come out RIDICULOUSLY HOT. Tongs or an oven mitt is suggested.

    To think of all the years that I would bring 1-2 gallons of water to a boil for a couple of ears of corn!

    That's cool but three minutes is too high

    The power output of microwave ovens varies. Plus some ovens lose power as they age. I have a fairly new Panasonic inverter microwave that is Satan approved. It gets things Devilishly hot! But other ovens may not be quite as nuclear in operation.

    Yeah, I did the same thing. The kitchen was unbearable.

    Removing the husk from an ear of corn is called shucking. I had an ear this afternoon. I just tossed it in the microwave oven on a paper plate on high for 2 minutes. Then when it came out I added some butter. It was some dynamite sweet corn. Friday I think I'm going to get some more.

    A good thing to add to ur corn is some Parmesan, Cholula hot sauce and pepper/salt. Makes corn so good

    I usually wrap the cob in glad wrap. Nothing else.

    So much better to open the husk a bit, wet, replace the husk, and heat (microwave, boil, grill).... the husk adds so much flavor.