Corn Snake Habitat.

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Introduction: Corn Snake Habitat.

This video goes over some of the things you should have for your snake once they are a little older, and require more space.



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Questions & Answers


are corn snakes poisinous because i think so and did you make the video or did you find it on youtube

No snakes are poisinous. Snakes are venemous. They pack venom, not poison. And corn snakes are a breed of rat snake (the red rat snake) which are not venomous.

Hello there. Thank you for the comment. Corn snakes are neither poisonous or venomous. To kill their prey, corn snakes constrict. A bite just feels like a small scratch. My cat does far worse, when she is in a good mood! The video is my own and features my snake, squirm. If you are thinking of getting a pet snake then corn snakes are really the best because they are really calm.

o im not geting a snake but i was just wondering because in a book i read i thought it was non venomous PS: my mom dosent like much animals all i have ever had was a cat and fish in are pond and fish in a tank o and i have a hamter but my mom hates him because he is a rodent

Then she'd hate my tarantulas and lizards As well as my pet crayfish and crabs

LOL I currently have 3 goats, 5 horses, a donkey, 5 cats, 2 pigeons, 18 chickens, a fish, a dog and about to get a hermit crab....i have also had an iguana before... pets are good for you... they make you learn to care for others besides yourself and know that you are not alone in the world...

no corn snakes are not my friend they are though known to be escape artists though