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Just for fun tried to make a doll from the used Corn stick

1) On a wooden small base fixed 1 nail, and pierced Corn in to nail
2) Took 1 used Egg shell and just inserted on corn top
3) With one sided self adhesive colored paper made  her eyes, nose, wings and beautiful hat
4) Sticked at appropriate positions

It became show piece and looks very nice and elegant, it's so simple and neat !
I enjoyed making this !!


RuchaP (author)2012-04-20

Wow. Looks very beautiful !

nachiketa (author)RuchaP2012-04-20


junk on wheels (author)2012-04-20

i have a good idee for it paint it brown an you have Mr Hankey from southpark :-)

nachiketa (author)junk on wheels2012-04-20

Thats look nice one

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