Cornbread Baked Catfish

Picture of Cornbread Baked Catfish
Minimal prep, very tasty fish.
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Step 1: Assemble ingredients

Picture of Assemble ingredients
You'll need the following:

Catfish fillets (enough to feed your crowd + leftovers)
1 box of cornbread mix (I like Jiffy)
spray canola oil
pans sufficient to accommodate the fish in a single layer

chili powder
toasted sesame seeds

Step 2: Batter catfish- flat side

Picture of Batter catfish- flat side
Sprinkle the bottom of the oiled pan with cornbread mix.

You may choose to dip your (cleaned and dried) catfish fillets in milk before proceeding; this will make the whole thing a bit moister and help more cornbread cling to the fish. I usually skip this step because we rarely have milk in the house, and the fish drops liquid during the cooking process.

So: take your catfish fillet, milk-dipped or not, and dip it flat-side down into the cornbread mix. Make sure the flat side is fully covered, then lay it flat side down in the pan.

Step 3: Cover top

Picture of Cover top
Grab any remaining mix from the dipping bowl and dump it on top of your fillets. Put the bowl in the dishwasher or the sink, and wash your hands to prevent spreading raw fish cooties.

Now grab the box of cornbread mix, and shake a good amount over the fillets. Use your other hand to spread the mix evenly over the fillets, giving them a nice thick coating. Working with one clean hand (holding the box) and one fishy hand (spreading the cornbread mix) you should be able to spread and augment as necessary. Now go wash up again.

Step 4: Season

Picture of Season
Sprinkle the top of your fish with black pepper and paprika (or the seasoning(s) of your choice). Shake on some toasted sesame seeds.

Now spray the top with canola oil, making sure the entire surface is well coated with a layer of oil.
dang, that looks really good. maybe ill show my mom this..
Very Good, made it tonight with Tilapia instead and no sesame, my wife and I both loved it.