Here's what you will need: scissors, tape,glue, or glue stick, ruler, and any kind or paper, and marker

Step 1:

Measure a square 5/5. Make 4 2 1/2" squares inside. Turn so square is a diamond shape. Split the 2 1's on the side down the middle. Put a x in the half farthest out. And put a x in the top square

Step 2:

Cut out this shape

Step 3:

Fold one triangle in

Step 4:

Fold the other in. Crease it

Step 5:

Open it up

Step 6:

Get small piece of paper.

Step 7:

Put corner in.

Step 8:

Trace the square

Step 9:

Cut out the square

Step 10:

Place in square

Step 11:

Tape or glue down

Step 12:

Fold triangles over

Step 13:

Tape or glue down

Step 14:

Finished!!!(-: got nice pocket to slide on the corner of a book
I have a bookmark similar to your bookmark. I would like you to make an instruction about it. You don't even need to mention me but just let me use your instruction in the future, please!

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