Picture of Corner Computer Desk Made with Pipe and Plywood
With some pipe, fitting, and a left over piece of plywood I made this great desk to adorn our living room corner.

Step 1: The Plan & Parts

Picture of The Plan & Parts
The plan was to use some fence pipe, some Kee Klamp fittings, and a half a piece of plywood to make a corner desk for my living room. Our house has a minimalistic aesthetic so I wanted to create something clean and functional.

Here's the Parts List:


I used a half a piece of oak plywood that I had in my basement. So roughly 48" x 48"

I'm giving you the cuts and you can figure out what lenghts of pipe work best for you. This is just plain ole cheap fence pipe from the home store.

5 x 27" legs
2 x 33" horizontal supports for back
3 x 17" horizontal supports for sides

I'm a part owner of Simplified Building Concepts, so of course I got my fittings at a discount. Here are the quantities I used and links to where you can get them on the web site. If you are going to build this exact desk, let me know in the comment field on checkout and I'll throw in an additional 5% discount on the fittings

5 x L61-7 - Flange 1-1/4" - these hold the pipe to the plywood
2 x L10-7 Single Socket Tee 1-1/4" - these terminate the horizontal supports against the front legs.
3 x L21-7 - Side Outlet Tee 1-1/4" - these hold the horizontal supports to the back legs.
5 x 77-7 Plastic Plug - this goes into the end of the pipe and keeps the floor from getting scratched.

Other Stuff

  • Edge Tape (Iron on kind) - for making the edge of the plywood look nice
  • Screws - for attaching the flanges to the plywood
  • Stain - for making the table look nice. (I used Minwax polyshades stain & polyurethan in one)


  • Hex Key - for tightening down the fittings
  • Screw driver
  • Wood Block
  • Box Cutter (or sharp straightedge of some sort)
  • Iron - for attaching the edge tape
  • Circular Saw - for cutting the plywood
  • Sandpaper, Tac Cloth and Steel Wool for smoothing our the stained surface.
  • Pipe Cutter
  • Vise

Add On

After I was done my wife made a "skirt" for the desk with some fabric, some wire and some eyelets.

Westmont7 years ago
You know, that would be immensely sexier with brass pipes.
lol steampunk
mada7 years ago
Very nice
mrmath7 years ago
That looks like a realy nice floor, an some really nasty pipe ends. Have you thought about putting anything under them to protect the floor?
simplifiedbuilding (author)  mrmath7 years ago
Yes, actually there are plastic caps that are attached to the ends of the pipes that protect the floors. See the attached image.
I can't imagine my wife even thinking of letting me do such a project without something like those caps on the end. It's a great desk. I might build one for my son some day. Give his room that "manly" feel to it. No girly skirt around it to hide the pipes. :)
Looks great at the end!
Maybe if you don't put anything under there, you can hide, and when somebody needs to use the table, "ARGH!!"

Hahaha, the perfect prank. Nice job.
Actually, it's funny that you would mention that because that is EXACTLY what my kids do!
That's a really nice end result, at a point I thought you were just plugging your site but you've actually come up with a great table and a great idea by adding an instructa-discount, shame I live in UK
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Great job! Sturdy and good looking. You might want to leave the skirt open so heat dissipates easier.