I like to put nice radius curves on the corners of my plywood projects. I could use a compass but this is a lot easier:

I use paint can lids. Not a perfect range of sizes, but I have four available.

Step 1: Line Up the Corner

So when I want to round off a corner I pick a size, line it up on the corner. Then I use a pencil or maker to draw around the lid.

Step 2: Radius Line Finished

So there you have it, a quick way to draw a radius. My next step would be to cut the plywood off with the saber saw.

Step 3: Last Step - Clean Up and Store

And no job is really finished until you clean up and store your tools. For these I punched holes in the lids so I can hang them all on a nail. This is over a door where they are out of the way.

I also marked each one with its diameter, it is just nice to know.

Good luck, hope you find this useful!


<p>Hi Gang:</p><p>I started doing this in 1974 with the cardboard from baloney packages. I find the paint can lids more permanent. ( and less smelly )</p><p>Carl.</p>
<p>Simplicity is always the best. Brilliant. Can't wait to build my own set.</p><p>Thanks.</p>
The only right way to do it - thanks!
This is great, thanks!
<p>Clever idea, and so simple!</p><p>I do the same thing, and have some coins I keep in a drawer in my shop for smaller radii. Works great and is quick!</p>

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