Step 13: Mount Hanging Hardware

I mounted two keyhole hangers on the adjacent corner sides of the post.  These keyhole hangers are blind mounting hardware that allow the post to be slipped onto a screw head that's driven into the wall that will hold it in place.

Trace the keyhole hanger, load a forstner bit into the drill press, set the depth so you don't remove too much material and drill holes to remove the wood inside the pencil line.

I cleaned things up with a chisel and mounted the keyhole hanger.
I want to know where those little chairs are from!
I got them at the Alameda antique sale. It happens monthly. Can't remember where the vendor was however who was selling them. Even if you can't find the chairs, the sale is still great.<br /><br />http://www.alamedapointantiquesfaire.com/
Really? Giraffes doing it? Haha has nobody noticed that?!
didn't really need the 4x4 did you?
Excellent build and idea, very well done <br>very good instructable
so elegant and neat work and inspiring id love to have it in my craftspace thanx for the share and the detailed instruct
Looking through the pics, I instantly thought this would be really cool to do with more of a tree design - with curved branches - but then I noticed it's mounted next to a traditional tree piece of art, so I really like the juxtaposition you have with your design.
I had also considered more of an organic tree branch design - even made a few test shelves with live edge boards and timbers from a tree I had pruned in my backyard, but upon further consideration, I realized that my apartment was already pretty &quot;tree&quot; centric. I already have these in the living room: https://www.instructables.com/id/Tree-Speakers/<br /> <br /> Thanks for your comment!
Oh, wow, I'm going to check out the rest of your projects. Those tree speakers are pretty awesome.
Wow, that is some craftsman level work there!
This is beautiful.
Great shelves! You could make the true illusion of &quot;floating&quot; shelves by installing the pocket screws from the top and then sandwiching them with a thin layer on top to cover the screw hole. Of course, you could just fill in the pocket screw holes with plugs that are made just for that, too. <br> <br>They are a set of great looking shelves, nonetheless!
Very sleek look, very attractive. Were I to build this, I'd round out the corners, and instead of using yarn, I'd use EL wire. possibly stain the wood dark to contrast it.
Ok, I have another lighting thought. Indirect lighting from the top and bottom of the corner post that would be intended to provide ambient light that portion of the room when desired. I like the design overall and in detail.
I completely agree - I even used the router to remove material on the back side of the 4 x 4 where it meets the actual corner of the room so that I could run a power cord to the top of the post. I've got plans to build a hanging lamp that lights that area that is mounted directly to the top of the post. I picked up some antique 1000W lightbulbs with Mogul bases (think giant light bulb) that I've been working for months now on how to dim them down effectively without the annoying normal dimmer "buzz". Now that the shelves are in place, my next project will be returning to these giant bulbs to fashion some kind of cool lamp. Thinking about using laser cut panels of wood veneer that nests together to form a nautilus shell style shade. The 1000W bulbs are awesome because 1) they glow with a really nice red color when dimmed down and 2) my house is unheated and the added warmth in the coming winter months is going to be a bonus. <br /> <br />Thanks for your comment!
hi, i liked very much your idea , cool furnished, modern design. <br>just this step - anchoring in the wall - i think can give us trouble. couldn't be posible to hang with a yarn from the end of the shelve up to the the 4x4 post?
You could use some sort of cable to support the far end of the shelf. I'd embrace a suspension bridge kind of look at that point however and go with a steel cable rather than yarn. I don't think yarn will hold much weight, and these shelves even just by themselves are pretty heavy since they're solid pieces of maple.
It's insane how creative and smart everybody on Instructables is. I would have never been able to think of an idea like this with such detail.
Well Done!!
I like this structured use of corner space. One thought that occurred to me was that if the corner &quot;post&quot; had flush mounted low lighting built in to illuminate the shelves. Not real bright, just &quot;night light&quot; level, perhaps photocell controlled to only come on when room is dark. It would add &quot;function&quot; to the space occupied by the vertical support and provide navigation lighting when moving about in the wee hours to get that glass of water or let the cat in.
Where did you find your corner?
It's vintage from Etsy.
Oh. I thought you went to the corner store.
Oh right - I forgot - I did get it at the corner store!
Well done!!
Very nicely done. <br>I really don't like anchors in drywall so have a suggestion. <br>Locate and mark the position of the studs in the wall. Place the shelves into position against the corner and transfer the location of the stud to the shelf. Then use the Kreg jig to cut the screw hole at the stud location. <br>Other than that change, I think you've done a great job on this one.
Beautiful! And great pics.

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