Corona Mill Mods for All Grain Brewing

Picture of Corona Mill Mods for All Grain Brewing
The Corona Mill is a cheap alternative to the more expensive roller mills used to crush grains for brewing. Roller mills start at $100 and quickly go up in price. A Corona Mill can be had for as little a $20. With three modifications---two minor, one a little more intense---it can be as effective or even more effective at crushing grains for home brewing. The lower cost will let you save money on other things like good brewing kettles, jet burners, and pumps.
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Step 2: Another Minor Fix

Picture of Another Minor Fix
This is another tip that's been out there a long time. See the exposed gap where the bolt is. Fill that with washers. Most tips around the internet say two. I say four because of the next mod.
Kamsi5 months ago
Hello All! Can anybody tell me where I can purchase the Corona Mill in Vancouver Canada. Many thanks for your help!
dlewisa (author)  Kamsi5 months ago or You can also search for a victoria mill. Same thing.
Love the tip about making it motorized - very smart. :D
dlewisa (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
Nothing better than making life easier. . . . And making alcohol cheaper.
I've been putting off the purchase of a mill for years now - I think you've just sold me on finally making the plunge:)

One question- it looks like you've got this locked down to just grinding for brewing. is it possible/what would it take to adjust the grind down to make flour for baking?
dlewisa (author)  BigCommieNat1 year ago
It does retain its functionality as a flour mill. All you do is adjust the burrs closer together.
I got one very similar looking to this. Mine has no top cover & the hopper is shorter but the grinding doesnt go much finer than meal before scraping the aluminum together & I hear thats not good to eat.
Cheap though. :)

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