I'm so proud of my zombie husband with his fancy corporate career, so I decided to dress him up to formally celebrate it.

In reality - we didn't have the moola this year to dispense on Halloween *cry*, so I had to go the easy route.  All we did was buy a suit at the thrift store and killed it!  Added some makeup and we had an extremely cohesive zombification.  Apparently, his co-workers were so scared of him that they made a rule of "announce yourself before you approach me."  Hahah.

Proud points: New shredding technique and he was grey and bloody from head to toe.  Love it!  
Downers: He didn't want to wear contacts to work, nor have gross hands because...he had to work.  haha.

Step 1: Tools of the Trade

Suit from thrift store.  Mine was $7, but recently, since Halloween, I've picked up thrift store SALES & got some for 50 CENTS EACH!
A serrated kitchen knife/steak knife.
Fearlessness to wield that knife in scary and destructive ways.
Dark eyeshadow, liquid latex, toilet paper, fake blood.
Optional:  Airbrush (I actually used cake decorating supplies LOL) to dirty the suit.

your husband looks awesome as a zombie! I love it! Thank you!!

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