Corpse Bride





Introduction: Corpse Bride

Corpse bride costume makeup

Step 1: Makeup.

use the whitest foundation u have and mix with eye shadow apply to face . use various blue tones to highlight and contour your features to appear more skull like. use white eyeliner and apply to bottom eyelid to make the eye apparently bigger . add fake doll eyelashes to top of ur lashes and mascara on top lashes . don't put any mascara on bottom ! apply bottom lashes below ur white eyeliner . add some nose features and color ur eyebrows in and shape to appear saddened and finish off with a lipstick off ur choice . and Boom! ur make up is complete (:

Step 2: The Dress (front)/back

for the dress I got a vintage wedding dress for $30 from good will and cut it up , all the bottom edges and cut holes . I burned the edges to appear more old.

Step 3: The Dress (paint)

after being cut up I then took some blue spray paint and faded it on edges . I suggest to be very patient with the part , if u rush u will get lines and extra spray in places u don't want sprayed. I then used a black on the very tips to add a darkness to it. but then ran out. lol. the bow is probably my favorite to do. I enjoyed that part alot , I blocked each layer and sprayed just the ends . also spray the edges of the lace all around dress to even color.

Step 4: The Veil and Boquet

for the veil I just used the original veil and sewed on some blue flowers . I then tore a couple holes and spray painted it all over , this part u can go crazy on . makes it look old. with a blue hue. just like Emily dead look haha . for the boquet I just bought some flowers from Walmart put them together and wrapped a ribbon around with a bow at end . then spray painted with a deeper more rustic blue. and boom ! ur done. now u just need to find victor.! happy hunting! :)



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Want to prepare for Bride Dance

in the movie the corpse bride victor is Emily (the corpse bride )'s husband

The make up looks great, as does the dress!

Very nice work, all around! :)

thank you! :), do u know how I enter the costume contest new to this .