Installing your CB radio correctly isn't difficult, and a job worth doing is worth doing well!

So get ready to enjoy the wonderful world of free communication in this super simple instructable!

Step 1: Hardware

-CB radio (Mic included)
-Antenna (may already have Coax cable)
-Coax cable (may already be connected to the Mount/Magnetic Mount)
-Tapping clips (1)
-Antenna spring (so it'll flex in lieu of snapping/shattering)

Note: All CB radios are equally powered (out of the box), but not always the same price. I've heard that you should spend $100 on your first setup; that is: $20 for the radio and $80 for the antenna. With experience and in time, you'll start refining your setup. For now, these are just instructions on How To Correctly Install what you've got.

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