Picture of Correctly Install a Power Inverter In Your Car
For the person in the go, this is how you can both run and/or charge your electronics!
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Step 1: Puzzle Pieces

Picture of Puzzle Pieces
-50amp fuse and housing
-Crimps and Loop Terminals

Step 2: Mounting and Connecting

Picture of Mounting and Connecting
13, 9:36 AM.jpg
13, 9:36 AM.jpg
Find a good place to keep your inverter. Mine fits perfectly between the rear seat cushions. This location also makes me think of the flux Capacitor in Back to the Future!

It is held in place by some 3M 5lb foam tape. First, wipe off the surface to be taped with an alcohol pad. Then, connect your RED+ wire into the red terminal, and your BLACK- wire to the black terminal.

Route your wire from the Inverter's location and into your engine bay. This part may be a little tricky, but do your best to do a clean job.

Step 3: BLACK- wire

Picture of BLACK- wire
13, 9:37 AM.jpg
Connect this to either the BLACK battery terminal, or to any metal bolt that contacts the metal body panels of your vehicle.

Step 4: RED+ wire

Picture of RED+ wire
13, 9:37 AM.jpg
13, 11:04 AM.jpg
Connect the red wire to the fuse housing by stripping the ends of the wires to be connected, and crimping them together (make sure to use electric tape as an insulator if you aren't using wire crimps.

The other end of the fuse housing should be connected to the RED+ battery terminal. I crimped loop terminal to the end of my red wire, and just screwed it into place.

Step 5: Check Connections!

Picture of Check Connections!
13, 9:43 AM.jpg
13, 9:43 AM.jpg
Make sure your inverter is powered OFF.

Open your fuse housing and install the 50amp fuse. Close the fuse housing and enjoy having viable power in your ride:)

This is a nice idea . Of course it could be adapted to power tools. Would running welding plant be too dangerous ?