A mate and I make a mini-series for a kids camp we are leaders at called Guess The Leader. Basically, masked leaders do crazy stuff and the campers have to try guess who the leaders are. When coming up with activities for this we thought it would be awesome to have a game where our leaders had to try complete a course in the fastest time while water balloons were launched at them.

This meant I needed to make some riot shields that were easy to construct, cost almost nothing to make and were reasonably strong. I think shield made in this way would be great for air-soft or paintball but I haven't tested if they could be penetrated so test ones you make before playing with them.

Why Corrugated Cardboard?

Corrugated Card is strong, easy to work with and best of all free. I get boxes all the time from an  appliance store called Magnus Benrow for free and most appliance stores will give them to you if you ask nicely :)

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Step 1: Materials

These shields cost me nothing to make at all! All the materials needed can be sourced (usually) for free or you will probably have them around the house. The only thing you may have to buy is spray paint later on.

You will need:

For Making the shield...

A ruler
Some Pegs
A Craft Knife
A Pen
A Tape Measure
Some Wallpaper Paste
A piece of sandpaper (not too rough)
A Corrugated Cardboard Box

For Painting and Finishing...

Some Black house paint (or other black paint you have)
Some Grey paint
A paint roller (a brush will work if you dont have one)
A can of Silver Spray Paint
A can of White Spray Paint
A hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Some Elastic (I used reasonably thin strips)

i bet this would work with some truck linar the spray on kiind
you should also cut a rectagular hole on the top and cover the opening with clear plastic or pexiglass so you can see through the shield without exposing your head.
Yay, it's cardpunk police equipment!<br />
&nbsp;Yea, didn't think of that. May have been a little more card punk though if it were left unpainted with a large this way up arrow :P
... especially if the arrow ends up pointing downwards!<br />

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Bio: I'm a high school student in New Zealand. I like playing guitar, Singing, making things out of cardboard and Graphic Design!
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