Introduction: Corsair Link Fan Controller Mod

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The goal of this 'ible is to get rid of the two ugly boxes that are included with the Corsair Link and consolidate them into one simple stylish case with minimal effort and materials.

Gather your materials: Corsair Link, and Allen wrench, double sided tape.

Step 1: Open the Link

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Remove the 4 screws on the front and take off the front plate. Once the front plate is on slide the tray out and reveal an incredible amount of empty space. Flip the tray over so the plastic tray is facing up.

Step 2: Time for the Fan Controller

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Now take the fan controller apart. It is very flimsy and you should be able to take it apart with your bare hand. Now flip it over and attach some double sided tape to the bottom of the board. Now take the plastic tray from earlier and stick the fan controller to the opposite side of the other board. And slide the tray in upside down from the way you took it out initially. hint: it will only fit upside down.

Step 3: Install in Your Desktop of Choice.


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