Picture of Corset drafting and sewing
Who doesn't love corsets? Try making one for yourself with these instructions for drafting your own pattern and sewing it!
As this is a pattern you may need to draft yourself, there are no seam allowances!

You can also find these instructions as a nifty little pdf on my blog.

Attention! Drafting and sewing a corset isn't easy, so I'm assuming you have somewhat solid sewing skills if you decide to tackle this.
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Step 1: Pattern notes

You can download the pattern I used here.

I usually wear a european 38, but that doesn’t mean you can just use the same pattern, if you’re a size 38, too. That’s because a corset shouldn’t be made in regular sizes, but from your personal measurements to achieve the perfect fit.
The ones I used for the pattern are:
- Bust: 87cm
- Underbust: 77cm
- Waist: 65cm
- Hip: 90cm

So, if you have the exact same measurements (or VERY close to them), feel free to use the pattern as it is. If you don’t, however, you can still use my pattern as a guideline when drafting your own. I’ll be giving directions for the  drafting part as well.

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials
You’ll need:

• 50cm of an outer fabric (satin, jacquard, whatever you like)
• 50cm of an inner fabric (has to be rather strong, I used a denim weave)
• busk
• boning (Note: if you want a corset that will shape your silhouette, don’t use plastic boning. It will lose its shape eventually. I decided on spiral steel boning because it is the most comfortable to wear in my opinion. Decide for yourself. You’ll need the boning either cut to the right sizes - I used 8 ready cut pieces - or you have to cut it to the correct lenght yourself and then attach end caps. Also your choice.).
• eyelets
• 5m of corset lacing
• strong thread
ltrill3 months ago

Dear Serinde,

Thank you for this tutorial. Yet I have some trouble with the boning. How did you place the boning and what length boning did you use per tunnel?

twilightfox10 months ago

Very well done!

I can't find corset boning in any of my local sewing or craft/hobby shops Q~Q any advice? Is it possible to make a functional corset without boning?
lgruenloh1 year ago
Thanks so much for sharing this! I didn't "get" corset making until I read this. After multiple failures, the first one I made with these instructions fit perfectly! I love it, and I'm so glad you explained it for me.
Jelfia1 year ago
Great instructions. One thing I do is make the test piece out of my lining, and when I get the test one right I take out the front seam. and boom, I already have the lining part done. :)
Excellent tutorial! I just made the corset last night :D
NelleSmo2 years ago
silveravnt2 years ago
Oh My!

oud252 years ago
the corset looks great but you look stunning
hohum2 years ago
This garment is SO FEMININE! Your handcrafting is equal to none, Very nicely completed..
jmoskal2 years ago
Coco Chanel didn't like corsets. That's why she created fashions to eliminate the limiting undergarment.
lilBoomBOom2 years ago
Elegantly done!!
Looks superb!
JamesMD2 years ago
hot! :D Love the corsets, and you look fantastic in it!
HollyHarken2 years ago
Very nice ible! My only nitpick is the spelling of the word length in English, the t goes between the g and the h, not at the end of the word as you have written it. Based on the comments I take it that you are from Deutchland. Given that English isn't your first language you did very well in writing this ible. Danke.
Serinde (author)  HollyHarken2 years ago
Oh, thank you for pointing that out! That's one persistent typo ;) I actually know that, so I think my German Microsoft Word might be to blame, as it sometimes autocorrects stuff I don't want it to... I went through and I hope I found all of the errors!
Nice job! I've come to the realization that there are no unattractive women on
EvilDefman2 years ago
One word: GORGEOUS!
I just finished sewing a dress for my wife. Wish I had seen this instructable before I started it. Beautiful work!
PitStoP2 years ago
Very pretty...
ShamWerks2 years ago
Great instructable, gorgeous result!
I wish I had half of your sewing skills!
ryry2142 years ago
Well, I'll never make a corset, but I'd make a great husband ;)
Prototyp 812 years ago
schick! fürs nächste oktoberfest?
Serinde (author)  Prototyp 812 years ago
Nein, in diesem Fall gehörts unter ein historisches Kostüm :)
clewis212 years ago
Very pretty! I have a couple of corset patterns I have not gotten around trying. Would be great for Renaissance festival!
lavandowska2 years ago
One of the better written instructables I've read in some time, thank you for the clear photos and instructions.
Serinde (author)  lavandowska2 years ago
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
beautiful dress!
Your corset is beautiful! I really need to try making one; thanks for the directions :)