Step 7: Create Bone Casings

Picture of Create Bone Casings
Part 1: Hand Baste External Fabric to Lining

Hand baste the seams of the external fabric to the corresponding seams of the lining
fabric. Figure 7-1

Mark a line with some chalk 1.75 inches from side seam as shown in Figure 7-1.

Part 2: Stitch Casings

Stitch a seam 3/8 inch from  the stitching of the seams you just basted. Make sure to
catch the folded under seam allowance of the external fabric. Figure 7-2.

At the seam that joins the side and side front (SF) panels, stitch all the way to the chalk
mark as in Figure 7-3 and close it off by turn 90 degree and stitching to the edge.

Stitch a seam 1/2 inch from the back edge, and then stitch another 1/2 inch farther in.

Steam press the entire corset to set the stitch and relax the fabric. I find the best method
is to sandwich the corset is a damp towel while pressing. This prevents you from
damaging the fabric and accidentally setting creases. Figure 7-4.