Picture of Corvo Mask from Dishonored
When I first saw the cover art for the newly released game Dishonored, I knew that I had to make Corvo's mask as an Instructable.  Most of the items required can be easily obtained at your local hardware store, such as Home Depot; Halloween stores; and art supply.  It is not recommended that this mask actually be worn since it is rather heavy and cumbersome.  I had a hard time posing with it on because it was so heavy and kept sliding down my face.  Instead, it may be used as a decoration around the home or even attached to dummy draped in a black cloak.  Or just let it sit and be spooky all on its own!  (Corvo tattoo not included)
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Step 1: Materials

For this re-creation, you will need the following items:

A full face blank mask
A black half mask
Hot glue gun
Thick jewelry wire
1" Electrical conduit fitting
Black spray paint
Silver, black, and copper acrylic paints
Stipple sponge (optional)
Thin rope
Wire cutters
Hole punch
Other miscellaneous hardware items

(NOTE:  I forgot to take a picture of everything I gathered prior because I got a lot of items after I began working on the mask)

Step 2: Cutting and painting

Picture of Cutting and painting
I didn't have to cut up the black mask seeing as it was already how I needed it to attach the other mask.  For the white full face mask, however, I cut it down the middle and then shape the jaw.  I cut the other unused pieces using several images of Corvo's mask as reference so the jaw structure could be attached easily.  Not exact, but close enough.

I then took the white pieces and spray painted them with black paint and let them dry for at least a half an hour before bringing them back in the house.  (NOTE:  Please wear a mask when using spray paint!)  After it had dried, I brought the mask in and dry brushed it with silver acrylic paint.  Just before it fully dried, I went over it with a stipple sponge to pull off some of the paint, giving in an antique feeling.
Eldalote1 year ago

Pretty cool and creepy! I'm going to make Corvo Attano's mask variation as a part of costume for a steampunk larp :)

:/ I was hoping it was the mask normally
Crazy cool mask! You should enter it into the Masks Challenge :)