Step 11: Turn It On and Admire

Flick on the switch and enjoy your new light.

You may need to lightly sand down the edges of the resin along the walls (where the top of the mold was). Otherwise it should be completely done.

If you'd like to keep the back covered up you could cut a piece of felt or something similar, cut a hole for the switch and glue the felt along the top edge. Velcro could also work. This would enclose the back, but isn't too important if it'll be close to a wall (like mine is.)

There are an infinite number of appearance and size variations, but the procedure would remain the same.

The method for building up the sides of the mold is one I've been working on for a while. It opens up a wide range of possibilities with resin while avoiding making a 2-part mold (with one part being used to keep the center of your shape open.) It could be valuable on large pieces simply to keep them lighter and use less material.

One other idea I've come up with since posting this is to add a 'glow in the dark' powder in with the cosmic debris. This would allow it to give off a soft glow all the time, even when it's turned off. I haven't tried it, but maybe something like this:

That would also be an appealing option if you wanted to try the resin casting without all the electrical.
hai! Awesome project! How did you get what appear to be holes in the "cosmos"? From reading, it sounds like you used toothpicks and then let the resin hardent, but how would you get the toothpicks out to leave just the hole. I'm really interested in recreating this! It's really cool!
dummy19777 years ago
This is very beautiful, thank you for sharing your efforts.. I'd love to try my own variation of this. Right now I'm too hungry to think about being creative as I just got done reading through your 7-layer sammich recipe. (The video was a nice touch... I would've been otherwise too afraid to try my own dough) Keep it up! You have some very creative and unique Instructables, and I'd look forward to seeing more in the future.