Step 6: Seal the LEDs in Place

Picture of Seal the LEDs in Place
Once the LEDs are set, mix another 1/2 ounce or so of resin, but this time dye it black. Very black. Then pour it in carefully, as shown in the photo. You may need to do this more than once, but it is very, very important that the black resin not cover over the backs of the LEDs. The more opaque it is the better your results will look. This layer of black resin is what will keep the wires, switches and batteries hidden from the front. You can fill it up to where it's about even with the back of the plastic part of the LEDs.

Again, let this harden like you mean it. You may have been able to get the rest of this done in one day, but now it's time to leave it overnight. Dye tends to slow the catalyzing of resin so don't do anything with it until it 'clicks' when you tap on it.