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Introduction: Costom Clock Box

I am going to show you how to make a clock in a container of your choice. And it is indestructable and doesnt have any sharp edges so it is safe for little kids

Step 1: The Clock

All you need is a old(ish) clock.
and you need to take it appart.
By the way the clock needs to be one that no one will care about if it gets torn appart.:P
Oh and it needs to work.    :P

Step 2: The Container

You will need a small container.
Anything from a soup can to a altoids tin will work.
Or a soda can, that is what I used. Although you will have to chop it up to make a little sleeve for the clock.

Step 3: Finally

Last but certianly not least you can cover it with duct tape to make it all safe and secure.
All done this is my first 'ible please feel free to critique.



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