Picture of {Costume DIY} Become a Bullet Bill for Halloween
Halloween is one of my favourite occasions of the year. It's probably the only time besides your birthday that you can dress up and be foolish without anybody judging you. Like my previous years of Halloween, I did an absolutely last minute scramble from my closet to find something to dress up for and also okay for work. Knowing the fact that most of my colleagues at my department don't dress up at all, I don't want to be too over the top and crazy with full gowns and make up.

It began by finding this ferocious cap inside the closet. To be exact, I found it in my brother's closet.
So, immediately I had this lightbulb moment. I could dress up as Bullet Bill from Super Marios Brothers! Don't think I've ever seen people dressed up as  one for Halloween but because of time constraint, I went with the idea.

I think this will also be an easy DIY Halloween costume/outfit for people who are last minute like me.

Step 1: What you will need are:

A pair of white gloves ( I got mine at Wal-Mart for $0.89! Such a win!)
A plain black cap (preferably trucker hat)
Red, white, black felts (Michael's or dollar shop)
Fabric glue (Fabricland or Michael's)
Needle and thread
Crafty hands
Pretty cool
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Umm theres a big difference between you and Bullet Bill.
was the pun intended? haha great instructable
mikeasaurus2 years ago
I love Bullet Bill's - this is awesome!
angelichigo (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
Thank you :)
flapper5012 years ago
Cool! You should have entered this in the Game.Life Contest
angelichigo (author)  flapper5012 years ago
I'll do that. Thanks! Hopefully get your vote :)
lewisb422 years ago
There is at least one other time of year this would be appropriate and celebrated: Dragon*Con. :)

Awesome idea, terrific execution!
angelichigo (author)  lewisb422 years ago
I've never been to Dragon*Con, but I'll keep that in mind for future :) Thank you!