Costume hats are the perfect topper for any fancy-dress occasion.  Here is a great collection of different costume hats that you can make with easy-to-follow instructions.  Pirates, monsters, and super-cuties, we've got them all covered!
Sew a Where the Wild Things Are hat + pattern! style
Are you guys excited for the movie? I'm geeking out over here. I'm totally wearing this opening night. This is a really simple pattern - the whole hat is only eight pieces! LET THE WILD RUMPUS START...
Leather Steampunk Top Hat style
If you've got some basic leatherworking know-how and need a spiffy hat for your steampunk getup, give this one a try.  It took me 3 hours of construction and alteration on day 1, and 2 hours dyeing an...
Burton's Mad Hatter Hat style
This are instructions to make the Mad Hatter Hat from the new Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
Hat & Broom for the Eco-Friendly Witch style
Be green on Halloween, with some old jeans.
DIY Squid Hat style
Free Squid Hat Pattern with pictures! Time to make: 3-4 hours from start to finish. Supply List: Polar Fleece (about 2 feet) All Purpose Thread Velcro or snaps Large Craft Eyes (I used 35 mm) Downl...
The Chicken Hat style
Inspired in part by Jessyratfinks's where the wild things are wolf costume hat (http://www.instructables.com/id/Sew-a-Where-the-Wild-Things-Are-hat-pattern/), and the comic strip Ozy and Millie, I dec...
How to Crochet a Mustache Hat Costume style
The orginal idea of this project came from the Hat located at Scandinavian Grace for $135. [This can now be bought on ebay and at thebeardhat.com for about $30.00 now) This is my version Crocheted. T...
Half Hour Harry Hat style
Make a hat just in time to wear to your local Harry Potter party! The hat is modeled after the standard issue brimless Hogwarts student hat. The last book comes out on the 21st of July 2007. I'll b...
Resize a pirate hat to fit a baby or small child. style
I'm sure if you have children you know how important it is to have a properly sized tricorn, aka pirate's hat. Here I will show you how I turned a 99 cent adult sized pirate hat into a perfectly fitt...
Stocking and Elf Costume Christmas Sweater Conversion style
Many of us have collected an array of Christmas sweaters, many of which hold memories to Christmas' past, or were given to us by a dear friends or family members. This can pose a problem for your ward...
Uzbeki Spy Hat (or Wizard Hat) style
Pashmina Suleyman (below, in the only clear photo of her known to exist) and her partner Kutchima (AKA Koochie Mama), the famed Uzbeki spies, wear these to blend in with the San Francisco natives duri...
Customizable Fleece Hats style
You want to keep your noggin toasty in the nasty winter weather. You don't want to wear a hat that looks like everyone else's hat. You like lions (or dragons). Now you can combine all of these desi...
Creature hood style
Love the way hats keep your head dry but hate when they squish your hair? Back when i had  dreadlocks i could never find hats or hoods to go over my big ol' head! So to keep me snug and dry i made my...
Crazy Hat Day! style
It's been a little while since I published anything.  I've been super busy lately, working on many projects but not finishing much.  So, to satisfy my need to show off what I've been working on, here ...
How to Make a Paper Hat style
Ever wanted to be like those hip kids in paper hats? Or Popeye? Well, now you can! With this majestic hat, you can be the coolest thing on two legs! (or one, you amputees, you!)
How to make a Cardboard Top-Hat! style
In this Instructable I will teach you how to make a stylish Top- hat out of cardboard and tape! (And a few other easily obtainable items.)Materials used:- Cardboard- Tape- Scissors/Box-cutter- Paint- ...
Duct Tape Top Hat (Slideshow) style
This was a request from a friend of mine; a gentlemanly top hat crafted entirely of duct tape. Though a bit rushed in construction it holds its shape quite well and does not stick to the wearer's hair...
How to make a Duct Tape Hat style
How to create a Duct Tape hat out of, you guessed it, Duct Tape! Using only Duct Tape, Tin Foil, Scissors, X-acto blade or knife, a marker, and a hat, you too can have a hat made out of that wonderful...
How to Make a Sombrero Boat/Hat! style
By popular demand (one person wanted it), here is the instructable on a sombrero boat! Made out of cardboard, this is simplicity itself! Thanks, http://how2dostuff.blogspot.com for the instructable.
Discount Viking Helmet style
So, you're on a raid of Scotland's feudal communities, your longboat cruising through the northern seas, the warriors cheering as the coastline comes into view through the fog when you realize (gasp!)...
Make a tri-fold pirate hat! style
Yarr, I noticed that there was a lack of pirate hat Instructables, so I decided this would be my first. Ever want to dress up as a pirate for whatever reason, but have to settle on not wearing a hat b...
Party top-hat made of playing cards style
I always thought about playing cards being a great material for DIY projects and one of the things I pictured in my had to look very natural if made of playing cards is a top-hat for parties. I had t...
Teleport hats style
This instructable describes how to make a set of teleport hats. A teleport hat is a crocheted hat which doubles as a device with which you can teleport yourself to a person wearing the same type of ha...
How to Build your own Newspaper Hat style
For anyone who doesn't know how to, this will show you how to make a newspaper hat. A very simple technique using a full sheet of newspaper will make you the coolest looking hat on the block. Can als...
Paper hat style
Cool paper hat.How to make paper hat vid.http://www.metacafe.com/watch/846119/learn_to_make_paper_hat_origami_stapler/http://www.metacafe.com/watch/884399/how_to_make_paper_hat_origami_stapler/