Costume Needs a Tail? .......... (See Step #7 for Ears!)

Find yourself making a costume that needs a tail? Many costumes need one, but there aren't really any good options for attaching a tail. There are lots of pinned-on droopy tails, but not many stand-up, perky, be proud tail options - until now!

This instructable will show how to construct, and more importantly attach a rigid, stand-up tail to the wearer of a costume. In addition, with this method you don't need to cut a hole in the costume itself... Lets be real; who wants to cut up their nice gray sweats to dress up as a mouse when you don't have to!

When there's a cool solution to a problem you have to figure that the solution involves magnets and so does this one. A belt with a magnet and steel plate (the mount) is worn under your costume and the tail with a steel washer is held in place on top of the costume by the magnet.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

1-1/2 diameter, 1/8" thick rare earth magnet.

3" x 5" Steel tie plate

1-3/4" diameter, 1/8" thick steel washer

12 Gauge steel wire (a T-bar ceiling hanger wire works)

Nylon cable ties (zip ties)

Foam core board, 1/8" thick

Duct tape

Hot glue gun


Costume tail of your choice (or material, etc. to make it)

If you want to make Pikachu ears you will need:

2 Reindeer Antler head pieces (dollar store)

Small cable ties


Yellow Fleece

Black felt for tips

This looks great! I could have used your help with my son's Umbreon ears! But I figured it out in time for Halloween and I did my own Instructable, too!

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