Costume Sheriff Badge





Introduction: Costume Sheriff Badge

Just a quick old fashioned looking sheriff badge for a kids cowboy/sheriff costume. Its made from the bottom of an aluminum bottle.



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    I'm wondering if sanding the bottom off would have been a little faster and easier. A couple seconds on a disc or belt sander and the piece is free, a little longer hand sanding on a sheet of 120 grit on a flat surface.

    Get yourself a jeweler's saw or a coping saw with a metal cutting blade; you'll be able to saw out bits like this and avoid all that filing. Having said that, well done and thanks for the upload!

    yeah I know but i was in a hurry, and my local big box stores don't carry metal blades for copings saw for some dumb reason. and i don't own a jewelers saw but i do plan to get one. Thanks!

    Simple and a Great idea!!!

    Awesome project. My boys will love it. Thanks!

    Thanks! My son loves it

    Thanks! Yeah the bottle is really the only reason I buy those. Lots of neat stuff you can make out of them.

    Very impressive! I would have never guessed that badge was made from the bottom of an aluminum beer bottle. Those looks extremely useful, now that I see what you can do with them. Nice!