Make your own costume wigs to complete your Halloween outfit this year.  Wigs can be simple to make or as complex as you like.  Start from scratch, or grab a couple wigs from your local Halloween supplies store and do a crazy mash-up.  Check out some of these great Instructables for inspiration!
How to Make a 'Jem' Costume style
Jem was the lead singer of an 80's cartoon band called JEM and the Holograms. By day she was Jerrica, but her pseudonym was Jem. Jem's look has evolved over the episodes, but the one I like best is he...
How to Make a Cats Wig style
Have you ever wanted to dress up like a cat, but didn't just want to wear silly little ears? The musical Cats has created a whole new style of cat costumes, with wigs that give a very feline impressio...
Knit Leia Wig style
I designed this knit Leia Wig pattern for myself. The knitting pattern and sewn fleece version is now available through my online etsy store. The brown knit wig was a comission for Carrie Fisher's bir...
How to Make a Pucca Costume style
Easy, inexpensive costume to make. Takes about an hour. You're basically just making the wig. You will need to find/buy a red shirt and black pants to complete the look.
stuffed cinderella wig style
i thought it would be more true to the cartoon to make this wig. it looks close to cinderalla's hair.
How to make an anime cat wig style
Summer is the best time for sewing projects since there are so many conventions during the summer. Kons allow for lots of creativity and your imagination can run wild. With the recent "Alice in Won...
Mystic Lord costume: horns, armor, silk painting + more (oh my) style
The making of a crazy costume, more or less from start to finish, with some fun techniques to surprise your friends and confound your enemies. Condensed version of four months of my life, neatly packa...