Step 3: The toe piece pattern

Picture of The toe piece pattern
10arch_of_my_foot1 (1024x694).jpg
8arch_of_my_foot2 (1024x677).jpg
9arch_of_my_foot3 (1024x768).jpg
3Measuring_arch1 (1024x717).jpg
4measuring arch2 (1017x1024).jpg
6height_of_arch (1024x819).jpg
5arch_to_toe (1024x701).jpg
7second stage toe peice pattern.jpg
8toe_peice (1024x888).jpg
Toe piece

1. Locate the ‘arch’ of your foot (see photos and Tip). Mark this point with a pen.

2. Measure the distance from the ground, over the mark on the top of your foot to the ground on the other side. This is the height of your arch (Line A). It helps to draw this line on your foot.

3. Now measure from this line to the end of your longest toe. This is the ‘arch to toe’ (Line T) length.

4. On your paper, draw a line the length of your ‘height of arch (A)’ and mark it’s midpoint.

5. From the midpoint, draw another line at right angles to the first one, the length of arch to toe (T).

6. Fold the paper in half along the arch to toe (T) line and draw a smooth curve between the end of the lines (see photo) Cut out the shape with a 1cm seam allowance all round.

7. Use this shape to cut an identical one for the other foot.

Tip - Locating the arch: This is on the uppermost surface of your foot, about half way between your inward facing ankle bone and the joint at the beginning of your big toe (lift your big toe up and this joint is where the crease is).
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