Step 6: Cutting out your fabric pieces

Picture of Cutting out your fabric pieces
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1. Cut up the side seams and under the arm seams of your old woolley jumper

2. Lay out your tissue paper pieces on your fabric and cut them out. I managed to get them all out of two sleeves. (I made another type of slipper first from my jumper (see this instructable)

Leather sole option
Cut one of each sole piece from leather and one of each from padding.

• Remember to turn one of your sole pieces so that you have a right and left, not two lefts.

• If possible align the straight edge of the toe piece along a cuff or bottom hem as this will save you some sewing later. If you can do this you will not need the seam allowance on the straight edge because your seam is already finished so align the drawn line with the edge of the fabric you are using rather than the cut edge of your pattern.

• If you are not using leather+ padding as a sole, you may want to cut two pieces for each sole to give you more padding/ insulation

I used the shiny side of the leather as the outside surface and the suede on the inside. They are a little slippery on wooden floors so you may want to try suede side out.