Picture of Cotton Crocheted Dish Cloth
This is the perfect crochet project for a beginner.  Make several for family and friends.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
2 ounces of 100% cotton crochet thread, (4 ply -approx 95 yds) crochet hook size H. This dishcloth must be made with 100% cotton thread.

Step 2: Chain stitch

Picture of Chain stitch
dishcloth 2.jpg
make a loop and attach to crochet hook. chain 42 stitches.

Step 3: Double crochet

Picture of Double crochet
dishcloth 13.jpg
turn and skip 2 stitches. Double crochet in each chain stitch. chain 2. Each row will have 40 stitches.  

Step 4: Row 2

Picture of Row 2
dishcloth 17.jpg
dishcloth 18.jpg
dishcloth 20.jpg
double crochet in each stitch. chain 2.

Step 5: Keep adding rows

Picture of keep adding rows
dishcloth 22.jpg
Continue crocheting in the same order, adding rows. chain 2 at the end of each row. Crochet 20 rows with 40 stitches in each row.

Step 6: Finishing dishcloth

Picture of finishing dishcloth
dishcloth 26.jpg
dishcloth 35.jpg
At the end of row 20, cut the thread with 4" left. Pull the thread through the loop and pull tightly. weave this string in and out through the top edge. Do the same with the string hanging at the beginning.
Cute! Love that yarn!
Unicornz2 years ago