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Introduction: Couch Tray Table

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Have you ever wanted to eat comfortably from your couch or not burn your thighs from using a laptop while sitting down for a long period of time?

A simple modern self-standing tray table could be very beneficial to suit your needs. This tray table could also double as a nightstand for a dorm room or small apartment. The materials used to make this tray table can easily found at your local hardware store.



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This is super awesome! My husband and I have been trying to find one of these, but never find ones sturdy enough. Guess we'll have to use your Instructable and make them ourselves :)

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I found one at Pier 1 imports. it is a tile top instead of wood.

However I wish I saw this before I bought it. At work we scrap all the parts I would need. Maybe I need a second one :) .

or a 3rd...and don't forget the kids, they should each have one as well. LOL

This is one of those kinds of projects, that you just can not help but fall in love's well built, looks fantastic to say the least, & it is completely functional as well. What is there not to love about this table?

For those who do not have welding skills(like me), a cheaper version(cheaper cost & cheaper quality), can be made from PVC plumbing pipe(did I say it was a cheaper version?).

Absolutely awesome Sir!

+1 for engineering paper!

This is a very striking design! I am going to attempt this. Thank you very much for sharing it.

Amazing first instructable! I love the metal and wood together!