Couch Arm Rest


Introduction: Couch Arm Rest

Hello, I'll show you how to make a nice arm rest to your couch!


  • Piece of wood
  • Fabric
  • Contact adhesive


  • Table saw
  • Table mill
  • Rubber mallet

Step 1:

Select a nice and flat piece of wood and cut 21 pieces of 36cm x 2cm x 1cm

Step 2:

Round the edges with the table mill and finish up with a little sanding.

Step 3:

Clamp all the pieces together, flip the sticks and glue a sheet of fabric in the back.

Step 4:

Now you just need to wax it up and it's done!

It's ready to support your beverages!



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    what did you use to clamp it together and weigh it down?

    any photos of the clamping/gluing process?

    Did you apply the glue only to the fabric or to both surfaces?


    2 replies

    Both surfaces!
    When u r working with contact cement u need to:
    -clean the surfaces
    -apply glue to both surfaces
    -WAIT for the glue to dry(5 min)
    - press the two surfaces together


    Did you use bar clamps to hold it all together? No issues with the wood popping apart under pressure? What did you use to press it all together?

    What contact adhesive did you use? I've been wanting to make one of these with some old napkins and Super 77.

    1 reply

    Hello, I used Norcola.. It's made in Brazil


    I like that it's flexible so it can fit any arm. If the fabric side was cushioned you could double it as a warm food holder. It would be perfect for those big pans.

    1 reply

    hehehe Nice!

    I like it!

    Might add a little support under it for couches with more rounded arms (to make a flat surface for drinks to stand on).

    1 reply

    Great idea!