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Hello, I'll show you how to make a nice arm rest to your couch!


  • Piece of wood
  • Fabric
  • Contact adhesive


  • Table saw
  • Table mill
  • Rubber mallet

Step 1:

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Select a nice and flat piece of wood and cut 21 pieces of 36cm x 2cm x 1cm

Step 2:

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Round the edges with the table mill and finish up with a little sanding.

Step 3:

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Clamp all the pieces together, flip the sticks and glue a sheet of fabric in the back.

Step 4:

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Now you just need to wax it up and it's done!

It's ready to support your beverages!


OmniChuck83 (author)2017-08-23

any photos of the clamping/gluing process?

Did you apply the glue only to the fabric or to both surfaces?


rbclima (author)OmniChuck832017-08-23

Both surfaces!
When u r working with contact cement u need to:
-clean the surfaces
-apply glue to both surfaces
-WAIT for the glue to dry(5 min)
- press the two surfaces together

OmniChuck83 (author)rbclima2017-08-24


Did you use bar clamps to hold it all together? No issues with the wood popping apart under pressure? What did you use to press it all together?

Thirdrawn (author)2014-09-08

What contact adhesive did you use? I've been wanting to make one of these with some old napkins and Super 77.

rbclima (author)Thirdrawn2014-09-11

Hello, I used Norcola.. It's made in Brazil

tofugami (author)2014-09-07

I like that it's flexible so it can fit any arm. If the fabric side was cushioned you could double it as a warm food holder. It would be perfect for those big pans.

rbclima (author)tofugami2014-09-08

hehehe Nice!

RandomIdeaMan (author)2014-09-07

I like it!

Might add a little support under it for couches with more rounded arms (to make a flat surface for drinks to stand on).

rbclima (author)RandomIdeaMan2014-09-08

Great idea!

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