Picture of Counted cross-stitch fridge magnets
Hello! This is my first instructable. It's not really something complicated that requires step-by-step directions, but I still wanted to share the idea. Enjoy !
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need...

Embroidery floss
Embroidery needles
A simple image you like
Self adhesive magnets (I purchased leftovers from a print shop, but they are also available in arts and crafts stores)
Depending on the size of your canvas, you should use a different size of image. For exemple, if your canvas is very big, a complex image will turn out huge. I had good results with nintendo sprites on big canvas.

Step 2: Cross-stitch it

Picture of Cross-stitch it
So here it is, you cross-stitch your image on the canvas, then cut around it. I suggest coating the outlines with mod podge glue once it's cut out, to protect it and keep it from fraying. Then you slap a magnet in the back, and voil�got a sweet cross-stitched fridge magnet.
If i was to glue the magnets on, what type of glue would you suggest?

I would try a fabric glue, like Aleene's, or, if that didn't work, I would use E6000.

izzyinsf4 years ago
these are adorable. i imagine a "how to cross stitch" i'ble might make you real popular around here!
Thanks! I just started cross stitching and was looking for a way to make sew on patches, and I think that this will work, minus the magnets.

And now I can make magnets too!

Cute idea but how do I cross stitch??
viviluk6 years ago
cool idea! im going to try it when i have time.