Introduction: Counter Parallel Arm Lift, a Knex Ball Machine Lift

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Hey everyone!

Here are the instructions for one of my two new lifts that I've build in my knex ball machine Euphoria. The second new lift is here.
I didn't change anything, except the entrance, I reinforced it a bit.
The lift works good with the newer style balls.
Hopefully everything is clear enough, if not let me know.
If you build this lift, read all image notes please! They will help you a lot!

Have fun building!



Step 1: Piece List

Picture of Piece List

Here's a list with all pieces you'll need to build this lift.
They're named by their original color.


green: 237
white: 45
blue: 144
yellow: 160
red: 165
grey: 20

Total rods: 771


dark-grey: 39
light-grey: 10
orange: 45
red: 72
green: 18
yellow: 233
white: 8
purple: 139
blue: 27

Total connectors: 591


tan clip: 10
blue clip: 2
Y-clip: 33
blue spacer: 69
silver spacer: 106
small blue gear: 4
medium red gear: 2
large yellow gear: 2
medium hub: 1
medium tire: 1
green motor: 1

Total other parts: 231


Step 2: Tower Part 1

Picture of Tower Part 1

We will start with the first part of the tower, that exists out of 2 parts.

Step 3: Tower Part 2

Picture of Tower Part 2

Here's the second part of the tower. Yes I know it's boring to build but just do it, without a strong tower structure the lift won't work!

Step 4: Entrance

Picture of Entrance

The entrance. Here the balls wait to enter the entrance arm.

Step 5: Entrance Arm

Picture of Entrance Arm

Very simple. This small arm will lift the ball from the entrance track to the first arm.

Step 6: First Arm

Picture of First Arm

Here we will make the first of four arms. This one is apart because it's modified, the three other arms are almost the same.

Step 7: Second, Third and Fourth Arm

Picture of Second, Third and Fourth Arm

Now we will build the three other arms. They almost look the same, but they aren't so build everything correctly.

Step 8: Exit

Picture of Exit

Here the ball exits the last arm.

Step 9: Axle

Picture of Axle

Here we will build the axle. It's a quite difficult part, sure when you're near the end of this step.

Step 10: Arm Connections

Picture of Arm Connections

These two parts connect the arms.

Step 11: Crank

Picture of Crank

Let's build the crank now. You're almost finished!

Step 12: Motor Section

Picture of Motor Section

This is the very last step, the motor section. You're almost done!

Step 13: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Yeah! The lift is finished!

Thanks for building or watching this new lift.
I hope it'll be usefull for your ball machine.

If you've built this lift, please sent me a picture so I can add it to this step.

Till next time!



bennett2198 made it! (author)2017-04-01

Great Instructions. A++ Enjoyed making this project. Works well. I have included a couple of videos.

Thanks for building, great to hear it works fine!

www139 (author)2014-04-27

nice job! it looks like is works well and doesn't stress the motor much and goes SUPER HIGH!!!

sandroknexmaster (author)www1392014-04-27

Thanks! :)

www139 (author)sandroknexmaster2014-04-27

Welcome! Am I right? O O


sandroknexmaster (author)www1392014-04-27

What do you mean, am I right?

hunter999 (author)2013-06-23

Awesome work Sandro, keep it up!

Thanks :p


dickheijboer (author)2013-05-20

My Counter parallel arm lift.. :p Check the ball machine:

Epic! added in the instructable!

Thanks! I like the lift but it used very much green rods...

Yeah I know, but it's very high! It also uses many yellow connectors.

Haha yeah, I have build it because the height!

But I got very much yellow connectors.. XD

Well... me too... even more then you I think :D

Haha, sometimes to much.. :p

dickheijboer (author)2013-05-14

K'heb hem ook gebouwt voor in mijn volgende bal machine. Het werkte in het begin niet helemaal perfect omdat ik die groene motor niet heb. Maar na enige aanpassingen wel!

Tof dat je hem gebouwd heb, ik kan niet wachten tot hij a is :p

wde dijk (author)2013-05-11

ik heb hem 2 meter gemaakt geweldig ding en hij werkt goed

Blij om te horen dat hij goed werkt :D

tedbear2 (author)2013-03-29

it's cool but a bit spacy

Yeah true:

- Negative: spacy
- Positive: very high

cooljupjup (author)2013-03-08

hi i built this lift and it works perfect! also with the newer balls and i test it with both balls but i change some little things on the arm With the Gray rods i change the Gray rods on 2 yellow connectors and blue rod and you know what i mean ;)

I'm glad it works perfect! Thanks for building!
Also, thanks for testing it with the newer style balls, I'll add that info in the intro.
Can you also send a picture so I can add it to the last step?

ok i sent some pictures.

cooljupjup (author)2013-03-02

hey! ik heb me ballmachine helemaal verandert die stepper lift is weg en me alternating lift is langer en in het eerste path zit een stuk baan met een looping en het werkt! tot nu toe :)

Zei je al op je orange board :p

knexpert#10829476 (author)2013-02-28

Man, you are one ball machine builder!

Thanks :D

cooljupjup (author)2013-02-27

i`am gonna try to make this only 2 arms high :P i post photos if it works :)

600th comment!!!

Tof! :P

cooljupjup (author)2013-02-27

i`am gonna try to make this only 2 arms high :P i post photos if it works :)

Okay! Good luck ;p

thnx :-)

cooljupjup (author)2013-02-26

heee kan je deze ook lager maken???

Ja maar je zult heel wat aanpassingen zelf moeten maken.

knex dude 2000 (author)2013-02-24

Cool , It looks like a fairground ride , In my town. Epic that you have ALSO included instructions for this part of a ball machine . 5* dude . You deserve all the meadles you've got. CHAMP. :P

cooljupjup (author)2013-02-21

ah i`am sorry i don`t build this it cost to much red rods and than i dont have enough red rods to build the whole ballmachine.

Yeah this lift uses many pieces, I know.

smartknex (author)2013-02-18

at least put a ball machine to it!

I guess you didn't see my other instructable linked in the intro...
It was first featured in this ball machine:

cooljupjup (author)2013-02-16

ik krijg de hyperspace traingtower en die is iets kleiner dan deze lift:P maar ik ga deze lift zowiezo een keer bouwen! :)

Tof! Post dan maar een foto, dan kan ik die bij de laatste stap toevoegen.

cooljupjup (author)2013-02-16

ik krijg de hyperspace traingtower en die is iets kleiner dan deze lift:P maar ik ga deze lift zowiezo een keer bouwen! :)

cooljupjup (author)2013-02-15

he hoe hoog is deze lift??

1.90m, staat in de video :p

knex builder36472418 (author)2012-11-25

Hey, this is very nice! I'm pretty sure I have enough K'nex to build this thing. So I'm going to. :D If I have some left I might be able to get a small connection from the top to the bottom so it becomes a complete ball machine. If you like I could send you a picture of it. (If I can do it of course) :)

Thanks! And don't forget to send me some pictures, then I can add them to the last step :)

MajorTemples (author)2012-10-16

Very nice job!

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