Something I have wanted to do for a long time since I found out the Source SDK for making maps for the Half-life Source games could export to .DXF. This was not a simple process. Exporting to .DXF made everything as individual parts as surface models. Exporting the .DXF to a .SAT file for opening up in Autodesk Inventor 09 let me turn those surface models into solids one at a time all 609 of them by doing a sketch on both sides and deleting the surface model and doing a loft between the sketches. To print the model out on a 3D printer would take more work. I would have to turn all 609 solids now into just 1 solid for the printers software to read the model right for printing. So far I have not printed it, but still plan to.
That's brilliant, do you know if you're the first person to do this?
At the time that I was going to release this Instructabe in 2009 I had not seen anyone do it. I still have not found anyone yet. I really want to print this about the size of a book, but the cost of doing that has stopped me.
It would be good if somebody could lend a 3D printer, have you tried asking on different printing site forums? Because this would be amazing to see for real.
Keep us informed of your progress, this is great stuff!

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