Introduction: Counterweight Cellar Door

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I built this door in 2012. The main door is pretty heavy, so I equipped it with a counterweight system.

Materials used : fir planks , asphalt waterproofing membrane , expanded polystyrene board , steel wire , nails ,

hinges etc.

Step 1: Counterweight System

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The system is very simple. I even used some recovered parts. For example, the pulley is the gearbox of an old lathe. I made the counterweight from a bag full of sand.

Step 2: Joint

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Because I had just finished building a CNC milling machine , I wanted to test it so I made the joint.

Step 3:


seamster (author)2014-12-10

Wow, another brilliant idea! You are full of awesome!

Stefan Gales (author)seamster2014-12-10

Thank you very much ! I try to not get bored :)

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